The Beach Chair Procurement Disaster

Beach Club company decides to buy new beach chairs.


Lenght: 200 cm

Wide: 80 cm

Height: 35 cm

Adjustable back 30 – 90 degrees

Material: artificial rattan

Wheels: back, rubber

Chair legs: front, metal base, finished with rattan


Weight: 5 – 8 kilo

Amount: 100

Delivery: On site

Packaging: to be removed and disposed of in a sustainable way


Discounts – Bribes

Purchasors Erection Moment

Excel document for comparison offers

Choosing Best Economical Value

Delivery on site

Suppliers Erection Moment when he is paid

Assessment of the quality and comfort of the beach chair

By the clients

This one is a disaster. No erection also..

But I have fun anyway

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