An Extra Argument For Ahok Winning the Jakarta Governor Election


His Excellency Ir. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is up for re-election for Governor of DKI, the Greater Jakarta Area. With already an impressive track record of his successes in his current tenure, he is up to pursue even better results in the second leg of his governorship. The Jakarta inhabitants did not experience the results from flattering articles in newpapers, but especially in their day to day life. For instance no extreme banjirs (floods) occurred in Jakarta in the last three years. Like his predecessor, and now president, Jokowi, does in his government is cleaning up the ‘swamp’, including cleaning of the rivers, the canals and the sewers. Not in the Trump way by doing the contrary, but with a professional approach looking at the results of the city administration and of the results of the city services to the citizens.

To change something in a large city administration is more difficult than draining the swamp. We do not argue that an administration is a swamp, only that it is for the Governor difficult to determine what works and what is ‘fake’ in a large city administration.

Much has been done already by digitalizing several services. One counter for various services was developed. Manpower is accounted for with entry and exit registration systems. But what in the working time is carried out is sometimes or maybe often unclear. In the old days of Philips Telecommunication Systems in The Netherlands office staff ran regularly with files through the office corridors to demonstrate that they were busy. Would that be different in Jakarta?

Our advice to Pak Ahok for JKT: Buy a Facility Software System that follows the work process and monitors the results on site, implement it and show the citizens that this works for them. Better maintenance, better services and better cleaning.

Forgive us that we are a bit commercial and recommend our InPRC Facility Software System to Pak Ahok. Are there alternative systems, probably not.

We are not going to print our brochure but we will show you that it works. How about the TransJakarta buses as an example? With more than 600 new buses driving on the Jakarta corridors it is supplying a terrific good service to the JKT citizens.

But what about maintenance? We see before a Ramadhan exodus on television a smiling civil servant with pen and paper register possible malfunctions of buses from a private company. Does he really belief that those buses are then safe for a long journey? Have InPRC use for that and we show you why!


How does it work?

In our InPRC Facility Software System we prepared a try out account. In this account we imported data from Zhongton buses, Hino buses and Scania buses. We added some data from several Haltes. We estimated the square meters (M2) and the calculation of maintenance and cleaning time. We wrote and calculated working programs for daily and periodical maintenance and for daily and periodical cleaning. We identified and imported potential malfunctions and errors. The software system produced unique barcodes for every bus and activity. The barcodes for the buses have to be attached in the driver area, at the stations and at the haltes. The barcodes for the maintenance and cleaning programs are on the lists for the maintenance and cleaning staff. Assessors use their own lists of assessment reasons. Maintenance staff and assessors use a hand scanner to register maintenance issues, work progress, results and quality. Easy to use and easy data upload on any computer with internet connection. All data can be monitored by senior staff, perform benchmarking, and adjust policy and working instructions when needed. The InPRC Facility Software System is established in ‘online’ ‘clientapplications’. It contains of smart software and intelligent logarithms and can be used for unlimited application options.

The options for use of this InPRC facility Software System in JKT are unlimited. To mention a few which will ultimately benefit citizens:

Inspections and reporting on restoration of road facilities (benefits citizens)

Quality inspection and reporting of urban cleaning services (benefits citizens)

Delivery inspections and reporting of outsourced contracts (benefits citizens)

Registration and inspections of administrative matters for citizens (benefits citizens)

Transparency and Accountability

With all data available for everybody involved a maximum of transparency is the result, a benefit which should not be underestimated.

Some of the results of our ‘ bus try out’ client can be observed hereafter:

The website:

List of the used barcodes


List of Assessments


Pre Calculation and Duration String


Compare Pre- and Post Calculations


List Halte Assessments


List Halte Assessment/AQL


List of Disruptions


List of Assessments/AQL


It should be noted that all data in this ‘try out’ in the client application’ are based on assumptions. All the spaces in this example have estimated surface areas (M2), work programs, and calculations. The records of the working hours are virtually taken with a hand scanner from a barcode list, and not from barcodes that would be attached to the different buses, stations and haltes. The reports about the scanning of “assessments” and “disturbances” do not reflect reality but are only intended as “demo material’.

At a request with serious interest we will submit a temporarily login and password for access to the try out ‘clientapplication’ (please contact us at ).

InPRC (InProcesRegieConcept) Facility Software System. Patented by NL 1033348

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