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Road rage as a classroom

Miracles or Murder

What is your typical reaction when you are cut off on the highway? For many of us, it’s a combination of an initial moment of fright (after all, traffic casualties rank high on the list of death causes) and anger. Chances are that thoughts run through your mind such as: “How dare such foul people put others in danger? It’s one thing if they want to risk their own life, but they have no right to jeopardize mine! Is a little bit of decency on the road too much to ask? Show a little respect!” In short, attention is fully focused on the ‘perpetrator’, at least for a while, until the adrenaline level slowly drops again.

Few people realize that such reactions, though fully understandable, are primarily an attack on themselves, while it achieves nothing in changing or punishing the other. On the physical level, you would probably be surprised to…

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