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An advice from Great-Grandfather to Junior Junior

Great-Grandfather Joost is in between dreamed incarnations and supports junior junior who believes that he lives in a body.

Great-Grandfather Joost

Great-Grandfather Joost in his last dreamed incarnation

Okay, here it is. Junior junior is doing his forgiveness lessons, sometimes immediately sometimes some time later. I had to laugh when he was almost hit by a car and he used every invective available in his vocabulary addressing the driver. Forgiveness came later. He does it in the correct way. Not by making the issue real but to forgive for something that did not happen, except in his own projections of illusions. Off course because he also believes that he lives in a body he must take care and use his bodily eyes. Is this a judgement? Yes it is and I should know better not to judge and making something real.

Now again his ego is in uproar. Reading the Jakarta Post with headlines ‘Residents told to save water’. Junior junior does not like to be told, he prefers to tell himself what to do. But that is not the prime issue here. The issue is that the Greater Jakarta Area will have to deal with less availability of water. Drought, urbanization, land subsidence, groundwater pumping, increase of residents among others are cause. Now junior junior believes he has ideas that can help to reduce the use and or waste of water.

In fact he shared already his ideas and the way to implement this ideas which would save per year millions of liters of water in Jakarta. See his letter to the president of the Jakarta International Hotel Association. Jakarta International Hotel Association Well, he should have known that the only one who would take this idea seriously was his own ego. As usual no response from the addressee. So why would he bother. Well let me tell you, ego’s are persistent.

Junior junior has also ideas for the Jakarta Capital City Government. He has been twice at the City Hall and promoted his ideas and delivered his advices and reports. It is known that the current Governor reads all lettters by himself and than decides which department or committee must deal with the proposals. As usual no response from the committees involved.

Than junior junior got a bright idea for himself. He asked the HS (Holy Spirit) if he should approach the Jakarta Capital City Government again. Well, I could have told him what the answer from the HS would be. Forget it and forgive yourself! HS added to that as follows. I do not give advice about illusions at your presumed form level. That is not to say that my answer is in any way a judgement about the Sons of God who believe to be in bodies and in workwear of the Jakarta Capital City Government.

If you believe you can help others than try to help, but don’t forget what the Course in Miracles is saying about the world. Don’t try to change the world but try to change your mind about the world. Back to work! And do your forgiveness lessons!